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Well I'm glad you guys all like the sound now but even after months of tweaking I can't get a great sound out of it. Personally I think my Zune 80gb sounds better and it doesn't even have an EQ or extra sound enhancements. I mean the sound is usually not bad but I can't get it to sound as good as the Zune. It sort of sounds kind of distant and adding the extra effects tends to make it more distant and distorted. I tend to listen to classical and soft pop which already sounds kind of distant and echoey and messing with the effects enchances this(which I don't like) and just messing with the equilizer still doesn't do it for me either. If I use all the effects and equilizer at once I get a very fake and distorted sound even if the settings arn't that aggressive. The sound for me is very over rated. That was one of the main selling points for me and it didn't work out.
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