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Originally Posted by jedijonze View Post
Did I understand correctly? If I want my sd cards to start working again I have to delete all files from sd cards AND the D2, then format the sd cards AND the D2 with suggested tool then reload? I have nothing to loose so I will try this, but why would it suddenly stop working correctly in the first place? and more importantly will it do this again in the middle of a 6 month vacation?

I'm having this same problem about every few days and I change memory cards a lot. I have five Trancend memory cards, four 8 GB and one 16 GB and they've all been properly formated and transfered to many times. Goto settings and clear the internal memory. Make sure you don't have a card in there or it will clear that too. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong, you're right it's a seriously flawed player. There's not a darn thing wrong with your cards and there is none with mine either. It could be a very cheap card reader and cheap internal memory. That's what I think it is. This is all part of the database corruption bug. I wish there was a way to tottaly clear the database and rebuild. Changing language and such doesn't tottaly clear the database. So it's been what three years and Cowon still won't fix their problems? I'm glad I only had this device for a few months. It would of been driving me crazy all those years but instead it's been driving me crazy for the past few months. So I'm stuck using only memory cards and clearing the memory every few days. This is getting rediculous. I might be going back to my zune even though the disc never spins down when playing certain music. I'll just leave it at that and explain the whole bug in the zune forums here.

Ugh, is there any other suggestions? Would Cowon allow a trade in for something else that is the same value or allow me to upgrade with a little more money? I'm becomming very unhappy with my purchase and I already invested $250 with memory cards and all for it. I think these D2s need to be recalled, they're defective.
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