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Yes that is correct, but by patching the firmware you are re-installing the firmware with rockbox bootloader. You are flashing the device, that's why there is the risk of bricking the MP3 player.

Originally Posted by ATZ View Post
The Rockbox I use on my Fuze (and several other people) isn't Official and it isn't a Test version either (as far as I know), it's simply something a person I know dug up in the wide fields of Internet. And for those doubtful, I took the pictures (sorry for the quality, it's mah phone), what more do you want?
So someone else gave you those files? Heh, I wonder which build you've got. It is clearly a test version as that's all that is available. Oh, and pay attention to my other post. I actually posted a video of rockbox in action.

BTW if you looked at the video, I am running the latest nightly build.

EDIT: One last thing, do you know how to configure the controls in doom properly? I can't manage to quit the game correctly and I wish I could just scroll left and right to turn instead of pushing down on the buttons.

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