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Once I posted those pictures, some people really got excited.

The Rockbox I use on my Fuze (and several other people) isn't Official and it isn't a Test version either (as far as I know), it's simply something a person I know dug up in the wide fields of Internet. And for those doubtful, I took the pictures (sorry for the quality, it's mah phone), what more do you want? For me this version is more than fine, this was first time (ever) I used Rockbox and it was easy as pie. I can't see many big flaws (okay, only one) with this version of Rockbox, the only problem would be slight decrease in battery life but everything else works mighty fine, all the apps, games, demos etc work perfectly and hey, I was playing Doom today Those who requested instructions, I sent it to them and it worked fine. And it's even Dual boot (I was suprised that someone found out yesterday) so I would say that this version is enough for me and I won't even download the official version once it comes out.

I will take some more pics (if rockbox hasn't been released by then) on 12th May (my sister is coming to visit and she has a very decent camera) and I can show off my theme and the whole "un-official Rockbox".

If anyone else wants to try it, send me a PM, preferably to Sansa Forum because I mainly roam there but anyway.
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