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Default When you put the p2 back together..

So my p2 was bricked, not turning on even after charging the thing for a whole day, with a pc and with my ps3.
I disassembled it and unbricked it by being able to turn it on with out its battery, much like a laptop....
I was putting it back together and I had put some smudges in the inner screen and while wiping, i put fuzz on the sticky stuff...
Now, well the cover goes back in back it kinda pops out so I gotta press it once in a while...

Anyway who had this do you fix this?
double stick tape? lol thanks
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I was scraping off the paint on the back side when I accidentally battered the cover. Now it pops out and forms a ~1mm slit. I've never tried to open the P2 because I've been afraid of breaking it.
Did you have any troubles opening the device?
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Take the back cover and gently bend in the sides a bit. Btfw, how do you turn on a P2 w/o a battery? USB was in, right? As for opening it, try to get your fingernail under the back cover at the headphone end and slide/push it upwards. This can be tricky so be patient and keep trying lol.
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