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For me, BT was one of the main features I was looking for and that's how I came across the P2. When I'm at the gym, I whip out my BT headphones and have no problems getting tangled in the wire, having an earbud pop out while doing reps, or pulling on the cord and having the mp3 player hit the ground.

Anytime else, I plug in the wired headphones and enjoy the better quality, the DNSe profiles, and the longer battery life.

Its a simple thing for me.
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I'd bought my P2 for it's touchscreen, and bluetooth came along as a bonus. Now I won't consider an MP3 player if it doesn't have bluetooth, and after owning a P2 most other players pale in their bluetooth implementations.

- You can connect two bluetooth headsets at a time to the P2. I hook my two kids up in the back seat, and they can both listen to the same MP3 audiobooks from the P2. No wires to tangle or run.

- You can transfer files between P2s, or between a P2 and an YP-T10. I'll let my oldest play with my P2. His little brother has an T10. They like to record voice messages, then send the files back and forth between each other.

- with a bluetooth dock adapter, every ipod dock out their becomes a dock your P2 can play through.

- while I personally don't carry a cell phone, my wife will borrow my P2 when she goes for a walk. We'll pair it with her phone, and she can answer or initate calls from the P2 while her phone stays closed in her fanny pack. Music on the P2 pauses automatically when a call comes in, and resumes when you end the call.
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Originally Posted by Olley View Post
I'd bought my P2 for it's touchscreen, and bluetooth came along as a bonus.
I totally agree with that statement.

Though my only experience with bluetooth is my cell Razr V3m. Bluetooth is cool but i dont really use it, alot in the beginning.

I came from using a sony mp3 cd player. I mostly burned cd-r 700mb. Just drag and drop and burn as data or use sony audio format ATRAC3 Plus. Wow, one time i was able to make a ATRAC3 Plus cd. I swear, i fitted like 30 albums ( 350+ songs). ATRAC3 Plus is okay but doesnt have the flexibilty as mp3 and mp3 codec is better. But at least the cd player used one battery

But at the end of day, I would have to say the flexibilty and storage of music playback.
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I would not buy an ipod classic instead of the P2!

With the P2, you can read text files, pair it with your phone to receive calls trough bluetooth, it has radio, voice recording and more features than the ipod.

I would buy the P2 just for the features, but if you want storage capacity instead of features, buy the ipod
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