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Old 04-13-2009, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by GumbyX84 View Post
I need a program to create m3u playlists on a Mac. iTunes only seems to export playlists to text files, not m3u or pla.

Update: I found a script that is supposed to copy playlists and music to a USB device. ( It works, only kinda. The playlists are converted to .pla and copied to the \PLAYLISTS folder, but when they are viewed on the Fuze, it doesn't work. I am pretty sure the playlists are currupted. Here is one of them:



RA,PM SUCI0\_1_-rBcu_eyLcn_h_-oPew_raRgnre_syMtsciF_roec(_iFan_laMniT_ehem.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\CoCbmtam.3pH
RA,PM SUCI1\.3D giminoT ehemm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_1_-rTnacsneedsr7JD_S'at_r_-oPew_raRgnre_spOretaoi_nvOrerdvi_eM(ia_nhTme)em.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ohtsubtsre sIIT ehem( uR nMD)Cm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_3_-eJerymS_ewte-_P_woreR_naegsrN_niajS_otmr(_DCV_reisno.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\ChGsobtsuetsr( eSrahcni 'of rht epSritiM xi.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C-5-4.1pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C31-_R_noW_saesmrna-_P_woreR_naegsrm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_1_-oR_naWssream_n_-oPew_raRgnre_sniS_apec(_uFllT_ehem.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C20-_B_urecL_nyhc&_D_uolgsaS_olna-_P_woreR_naegsrD_ni_ohTnued_rC(_DeVsroi)nm.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ohtsubtsre sMG SeRim.xpm
3AHPR ,UMIS\ChGsobtsuetsr( cEotlpsa miM)xm.3pH
RA,PM SUCIF\githm.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ohtsubtsre sG(ardnamtsreH laolewneM xi.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C00 .hWti eaRgnreT gireP worem.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_1_-ufflel_j_-hSfi_tniotT_ruobm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_9_-hTyeM_githB__eiGnast-_S_neuSrruodnm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_2_-eJerymS_ewte-_P_woreR_naegsrL_githpsee_deRcseu(_aMniT_ehem_,eVsroi_n)2m.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ ooGP woreR naegsr( VTV reisno.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C10-_L_oi_roRnsre_,eJerymS_ewte&_S_uhikL_ve_i_-oPew_raRgnre_siTemF_roec(_aMniT_ehem.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C01-_B_urecL_nyhc_,aMcr_oaMirangnue&_C_ahakB_alkcom_n_-oPew_raRgnre_syMtsciF_roec(_xEetdndeV_reisno.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C10-_J_reme_ywSee_t_-oPew_raRgnre_soLtsG_laxa_yM(ia_nhTme)em.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ohtsubtsre s0230m.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ohtsubtsre sM( MaHllwoee neRim)xm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_2_-eJerymS_ewte_,iJ_muChsnire_y_-oPew_raRgnre_suTbr,oG_!o(_aMniT_ehem.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C60-_R_noW_saesmrna-_P_woreR_naegsrS_DP(_xEetdndeV_reisno.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C IiWllW nim.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ ooGP woreR naegsr( oLgnV reisno.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\CxErtme ehGsobtsuetsrT ehemm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\.1D gi iaR.ppm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C10-_P_woreR_naegsrO_crehtsar-_G_,oG__ooPew_raRgnre.spm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C00 .eWN ee d AeHorm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\_4_-eDov-_A_erY_uoR_aeyd.!pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C31-_J_reme_ywSee,tR_noW_saesmrna_,EZ_O_-oPew_raRgnre_seZ_oF(lu_lhTme)em.3pH
RA,PM SUCIG\ohtsubtsre s0260m.3pH
RA,PM SUCI0\.0V cataoi.npm
3AHPR ,UMIS\C50-_R_leeitnK_-_P_woreR_naegsrN_niajS_otmr-_P_erssni_gnOm.3pH
RA,PM SUCIO\ nuO rwO nG(ohtsubtsre sII.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\CoGG erneR naeg roGm.3pH
RA,PM SUCI3\_0_-oR_naWssream_n_-oG_,oGP_woreR_naegsr(_oCpmeletA_blmu.)pm
3AHPR ,UMIS\ChGsobtsuetsr( eMekR mexi.)pm
I am going to try the script out again. Hopefully it work this next time.

Update: Same problem. The PLA files seem totally corrupt. The MP3s seem to be working thankfully. I'll have to think of another day to do this. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it.

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I've uploaded a new version of scripts that address the issue you mentioned above.

If you still use your sansa with a mac, you can give them a shot:

feel free to shoot me an email (archit.agarwal***********) if you need help.


- Archit
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