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Default Computer wont recognize my player?

As in topic. I just got my clix and I'd like to put some music on it, but it's being stubborn. When I first plugged it into my comp. Windows asked me to update the drivers so I clicked yes. It searched for a bit but then came up with nothing. I installed WMP 11 and went through the first part of the tutorial, and it showed them putting in a name for their player and then WMP automatically detected theirs. My device is not recognized by my computer. It's displaying the "USB Connected" screen but I've got nothin' on the other end.

Basically, my player is plugged in and WMP wont detect it.

Please help!
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Default Shouldn't of done the 'search for a driver' thing...

It's not necessary if WMP 11 is installed correctly and PRIOR to connecting the clix for the first time. And I have another question: Can you see a device 'drive' for the clix inside Windows Explorer (My Computer)? If not, then WMP 11 should be reinstalled (might as well download the latest version from the M$ website) to get the MTP drivers for it. Note that you may need to reverse what you did with the "Update Drivers?" box earlier by going into Device Manager and deleting any USB device with a yellow/red warning symbol on it....

After that's done (11 installed OK and it's shown in Explorer when connected), fire up WMP 11 first and THEN connect the clix. I know this is the reverse of what the Quick Start says to do, but I find that the "Refresh Devices" command within WMP doesn't ever find the clix if it's already been added in Windows.

Let me know how it goes....
-- DLF
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I re-installed WMP 11 from the MSoft site and uninstalled anything that might have happened when I connected the clix. No change.

I cannot see the clix in the 'My Computer' window either.

EDIT: Fixed the problem by updating my USB drivers with the device manager. Thanks for the help DLF.
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Eat, do you have Nokia PC Suite on your computer? I had to remove the latest addition as my phone and the Clix were battling for the same resources. The phone alway won. Clix also would not charge.
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