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Default Rockbox displays cover art in Database, but not in Pictureflow

I'm sure somebody can provide me with a simple explanation and solution for this. The first time I initialized Coverflow on my newly-Rockboxed Sansa E200R, the albums that I'd correctly formatted for cover art (cover.bmp in same folder) displayed in Coverflow.

But since then, every new album I add artwork for displays the picture fine in the Database when I'm playing the album, but will NOT dispay in Pictureflow. It's just a blank white cover there. I've tried rebooting the Sansa several times with no success. And those original albums that were already formatted for cover art prior to my first-ever selection of "Pictureflow" still display fine.

Anyone know what is causing this?
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Default rebuild cache pictureflow

See here in the manual.

You need to rebuild the cache found in the settings menu of Pictureflow.
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Thanks! Problem solved.
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