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Well, anything that would make, lets say... NFS Most Wanted soundtrack not to make my neat artist listing of
Infecter Mushroom (100+ songs)
Juno Reactor(200+)
Nightmares on Wax(50+)
to become
Infecter Mushroom(100+)
Juno Reactor(200+)
Nightmares on Wax (50+)
ERFERF(3 :<)
Ott (20+)
As the OST itself is atm on "Music/OSTs/Need For Speed/Most Wanted/"
And the file is "Styles of Beyond - Need For Speed Most Wanted - 01 - Nine Thou (Superstars Remix).mp3" with the correct tags.
So something to either allow folder playing (playing the whole NFS folder), or making some scripts to hide it.
Like, adding some file that would include
MODIFICATION="NSFMW"; //Beginning of the modification, name is NSFMW
ALBUM="Need For Speed Most Wanted"; //All songs with the Album tag of Need For Speed Most Wanted
HIDEFROM=GENRES; //Hide them from the genres category
RENAMEARTISTTO=ALBUM; //Rename the Artist tag of that of the Album tag when sorting the songs
MODIFICATIONEND="NSFMW" //End of the NSFMW modification
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