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Old 04-02-2009, 12:53 PM
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This is one of the reasons I created an audio directory on mine. The Sansa firmware will find what's in the audio directory, but wants to make all of the original directories as hidden. Subsequently, Rockbox will only display those directories when set to show all. By putting my music/audiobooks into an alternate directory I get the best of all worlds. Rockbox shows me only what I need to see and IF I ever wanted to go back to the original firmware, it still works. HOWEVER, being that the rockbox usb stack is functional and working, I will probably never run the OF on my e280 ever again. The funny thing is that I have a v2 e280 just waiting for the rockbox port to get far enough along. I'm wondering if I'll even notice a benefit, but my wife who has a Fuze has already called dibs on one of the e280's when the second one is rockbox capable. I haven't told her that her fuze should also work at that time. ;-)
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