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Old 04-02-2009, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Hirudin View Post
What is wrong with suggesting eBay?

Exactly what do you want the person at Creative to do, asmd? The accessory you want is discontinued, perhaps you should have bought one earlier.

It sounds like you have 2 choices: live without the accessory or find it somewhere else.
i may have been a little harsh with my comment. but i stand by it.

the remote i owned malfunctioned, and i called creative for a new one, whereby i was prompted to look for it on "ebay".

as "helpful" as that was, it was wrong for the csr to point me there.
buying from third parties/unofficial channels comes with no warranties and if my creative unit were to be damaged by the remote (or something similar), wheres the liability then?

do i sue creative or the csr for telling ME to purchase and use an unauthorized accessory?

the appropriate answer from the csr should have been - tough cookies, its been discontinued, can i help you with anything else?, NOT, yeah, you can look for it on ebay.

this applies to anything. would you expect a volvo csr to tell you to look for a car part on ebay? same thing.

and you are absolutely right, its my perogative to either live with it or find it elsewhere. not be told by a creative rep to find it elsewhere.

most of the remotes available on ebay are cheaply made knockoffs that dont work right. http:

but thats beside the point.
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