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Old 04-01-2009, 08:42 PM
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You may want to try a few methods from the Zen FAQ:

To change the driver or install the driver in case of error:

1. In Device Manager, double left click on the Creative Zen listing under Portable Devices.
2. Select the Driver Tab and then select the Update Driver box.
3. Select the "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".
4. Select MTP Device within the Model box and select the Next button.
5. Windows will then install the MTP driver for the Zen.
6. Select Close on the next two screens and Device Manager should show the Zen under Portable Devices as Creative Zen with no errors.

To re-install the Zen's MTP driver if not being recognized correctly:

1. With the Zen connected, in Device Manager, expand the Potable Device category.
2. Right click on the Creative Zen listing and slect the Uninstall from the menu.
3. Once it is uninstalled, disconnect the Zen from the USB port.
4. Wait a minute, then plug it back in and take note in Device Manager that it refreshes and reloads the driver properly.
5. Once it reloads the driver properly, open My Computer and see if it shows correctly.

To force the Zen to use the MTP driver when connected and asked for drivers:

1. With the Zen connected, uninstall the Zen listing within Device Manager.

2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate into your windows/inf folder and "Copy" (not Cut) the wpdmtp.inf to your desktop.

3. Now connect your device and when it detects it as a new device, don't "automatically install driver. Select " click to specify the location..." and choose not to search for the driver. Click the option to specify what driver you want to use. Click next.

4. The next window should ask you what driver to use and the top of the list should say "show all devices." Click next.

5. The next window select "have disk" and point the path of the driver to the desktop where you put wpdmtp.inf and select OK.

It should then force the MTP driver to load for that device. You have now reinstalled all USB and USB host controller drivers and forced the Zen to use the correct MTP driver it is supposed to use. Again, try to see if your problem still exists.

If you can't install the driver when it is first detected or update it in device manager without an error code, try it this way:

1. With the Zen connected, right clicking on the driver when it shows in Device Manager and select Uninstall.
2. Then try and add the Zen as a MTP device using Add New Hardware Wizard in Control Manager.
3. Manually select the MTP Device and it will load the MTP driver for the Zen.
4. If you ever get prompted with anything saying that the device may not work properly or the driver isn't for that device, go through with it anyway.
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