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Originally Posted by Rento View Post
So I ordered the dang thing from earlier today only to find that I can't cancel the order a few hours ago (they've already billed my bank account... they sure are quick )

Reason why I want to cancel is the amount of complaining and negative stuff. I mean it IS a proven fact that more people will make threads about complaints than threads about positive feedback, why? Because they just want to keep to themselves and enjoy their stuff. I understand.

But some of the certain things people complain about, such as the wi-fi being kinda cruddy. External speakers being utter fail only to have the headphones fairly weak regardless of what they plug in.

Than theirs the failure rate... People saying their Archos doesn't want to turn on, won't charge, or dies quickly only after a week of possession.

Also, every bit of feedback in this thread helps... And be serious.

This is something I want to keep for atleast 5 years and be happy with it. I've kept my Zen Vision W for 3 and i'm still decent about it. It's just it's battery is weak since it's old, and I don't want to order a new one, i'd rather try something new. Plus, it's little 60GB HDD is getting full (my sig is a bit outdated).

Since I am ordering it from Amazon, i'd rather just decline/refuse the package and be refunded 100% the $460 I just spent on the DVR cradle and 160GB 605 PMP...

So who can dissuade me from losing out on a potential epic win or perhaps even help me get this potential pin in my rear end out.

I, being a previous archos 605 owner, when I heard about the archos 605 wifi, I thought the world of it. Linux based, huge lcd touch screen, videos, internet, widgets, all kinds of file types can be used, games and music and a huge HD to boot.
But when I got it, I was confronted by a mile long list of problems.
First off, you have to PURCHASE widgets,
you have to PURCHASE the internet browser
you have to PURCHASE widgets to use certain music and video file extensions. Plus, its all in euros. So its pretty pricey too.
Secondly, the battery charge was terrible.
The most use I ever got out of my archos was probably a maximum of 2 and a half hours.
Thirdly, my archos froze up on a regular daily or every-other-day, sort of basis. And if it did so more than 2 times in a day, it had to rescan ALL my files. So if you have 18Gb worth of files, it takes roughly 15 minutes or so, of your precious 2 and half hours of use.
Fourth, The built in speaker, when going up past a certain volume, the speaker gets all fuzzy, and it is a very unpleasant sound.
Fifth, - the size of the device was large, and cumbersum. It was very difficult to carry my archos in my pants pocket without it pausing it, or changing the song, due to the touchscreen and the very sensitive buttons on the end of it.

However, there were some Pro's to it, but not enough to actually make it worth ordering.

The screen was lovely. It displayed bright briliant colors. Good custimization for UI. Easy to use style UI. It came with a case. Built in stand. Movie playback, Playlists were easy to make. You can edit files on it. and it came in decent sized HD's. Basically, metaphorical 'cupholders' on this mp3 player.

But I sold mine in December of 08 after having it for 3 months. I bought a cowon s9 in January and love it.

But all in all, its a good product, but I would DEFINITELY cancel that order.
Unless you want to spend 80-100 dollars on a wall charger, another 50-75 for a tv dvr station, 30 dollars for a FREEWARE internet browser. And anywhere from 10-20 dollars or so for games, and widgets.
If you want to do that, don't cancel. If you want to get an pmp you can use, cancel.
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