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Great, I really want to thank you for making up my mind. I went with the A3 it looks to be built well and Cowon has a deal that the include the case, and wired remote so perhaps I do not need the joystick after all.

Looking at the Q5 really makse you think when you spending money like that you might as well get a cheap laptop but again it is interesting

The Archos again has stuff I would not need as I would not use the player to play video through the TV as I have a home player for that.


Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Seems Archos would do what you want, with the DVR station cradle:

But yeah, if the old Zen did what you wanted, then the A3 and Q5W should be good enough as well. Personally, I'd get the A3... looks way more useful and portable to me than the gimmicky and sluggish Q5.
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