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@xatax: its really a good idea, but in all aspects its lame to me to do that for every new mp3 i wanna transfer... just to clear that up: you can easily kill your hearing by setting the volume level to the max as it is now limited on the e250 while listening to music on THESE SMALL EARPLUGS... they ARE dangerous! i think everyone should know this, and the fact, that big headphones need a bit more power to reach the same level of volume than these small ones do, they also need more bass (only a little [also depends on headph.])
by gaining up the mp3s you could mash up a good quality sounding (keep in mind of distortions you dont notice but affects the sound scenery in general) !
for now its few levels too low to take a good listen with my big headphones in a bus, even if the mp3 itself is at its maximum volume! i know how to limit the volume that my ears keep living without any pain (i cant say 100% the truth bcause no living thing can do that at every time/situation), thats because i need an unlimited vc


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