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Default IDE-ATA 50-pin to ZIF Flat cable needed!

Hi, everyone!

The most terrible mishap have just happened to my trusty and beloved Toshiba Gigabeat F40 player! Namely, I SNAPPED that fragile ZIF-cable (flat ribbon cable) that connects Toshiba 50-pin HDD (MK40004GAH, 3.3v) to the PCB!!! And... dunno what to do now, since I cant seem to find a suitable replacement for it anywhere. Ive scouted out the web for a possible match... but to no avail. Can anyone suggest me any solution to my woes, please? Id be very much obliged. (Ive searched through the forum for this topic as well)

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My only suggestion is to purchase a cheap F10 / F20 on eBay, to use for parts. The HDD cable is those will definitely work with an F40.

If you find an "as-is" broken F10, they can usually be bought for less than $20 US.
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