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Default continuous reboot when playing

I just tried out my Cowon D2+. It seems like it can't play about 3-4 songs before it shuts down and reboots itself. Trying to browse music does the same thing. My firmware is 2.02... is something wrong?

P.S. for the few songs it does play before shutting down, it usually cannot display the id3 tags. Also, the battery is full, so that's not the problem.

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Delete all the songs and put them back on - rebuild the library. If that doesn't work, reinstall the firmware, that should usually fix something like this..

Sorry to hear your first experience with the D2 was this.
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Thanks for the advice SamuelJesusFreak. It seems to have worked! Although I've only loaded up a small part of my music. I need to put the rest on (hopefully it'll still work...) I've read up a bit since then. It looks like the ID3 tags have to be near perfectly formatted, otherwise it freaks out :-/

When I cleared the memory, it seems to have deleted all the default video/music that comes with it. Is there anyway to retrieve that?
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