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Had my blue Stone 2gb with speaker for a couple of days now and I'm extremely impressed. I got it for only £16 on Amazon, which is incredible value. At first I was sceptical of how you could ever use a DAP with no screen, but the Stone makes it so simple. The skip folder option is very useful, sound through my AKGs is good and the speaker is pretty decent. Also, mine came with the skin and clip included. I don't need a memory stick, I just drag and drop a couple of flash games onto it and play them in ICT And it is literally indestructible. I slipped over and landed on concrete, directly onto my Stone. I thought it would be in pieces, but I took it out and it was fine One very slight problem though: you can't turn the speaker off. I was putting the skin on it during German and accidentally turned it on lol

I had to check that smell thing and it's true! Best smelling DAP on the market!
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