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My brother is a big Sony dap fan, we did some comparrisons with the same files/same phones last week end, I think these comments in the leading post sum it up:

1. Coloured sound
2. Warm and lacks details

2. Cold, analytical, highly detailed (of course they get a lot warmer with BBE and EQ tweaking)

The other comments are a bit too technical for me to comment on.

Ultimately we both agreed the other's player did sound great and it's a "different strokes for different folks" situation.

Sony has an exciting and colourful sound, for me their sound enhcancements are straight out of a comic book and on his player had no EQ. Cowon has a refined and detailed sound with natural and subtle sound enhancements and a five band EQ (D2).

They really cater to different sorts of people, whether you're looking for a fun and dynamic listening experience (Sony), or are a bit of a tweak addict that likes to listen more analytically to the different levels of a given track (Cowon). They're both good brands with great sound quality, just two very different animals.
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