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My headphone jack was cutting out on one channel, and I took it apart to check the solder points, all fine. I'd put it back together and it would work for a while, then the same problem would come back.

Someone who fixes Micro's took it apart and looked at it, and he ended up jamming a small piece of balled-up plastic between the jack and the mirror-like piece inside the player (you'll know what I'm talking about if you look inside the player). It keeps a constant pressure on the jack, inside the player, that seems to keep connected whatever wasn't quite working. It worked fine for a year like this, then recently it started cutting out again if I jiggled the jack. When I installed the CF card a few days ago, I jammed the plastic a little tighter, and it's working now.

Did you check the solder points visually or with a continuity detector? If visually, then it may still be the solder connections.
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headphone jack, zen micro

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