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Default DAH - 1500i Dead :(

My mobiblu cube just died, wont turn on and nothing happens when i connect to the p.c via usb.

how do i get it fixed under warranty ? im in the UK.
I found a technical support address for europe on mobiblu's site, but have got no response from the e-mail i sent.

The instruction booklet has a warranty certificate on the back page, but no numbers or address on it :/

Returning it to the shop i bought it from is not an option.
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i'm sorry man, i think that's where i'm headed too. i've had mine for about 2months and now it keeps freezing up, showing the blue note and displaying the first song in my list and only plays it for about 20 seconds before starting all over again. its been 2 weeks since it started this!!

i keep getting a hard time trying to start it, and its beginning to really tick me off. i'm already considering buying a new one...
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Try updating firmware if you can get it on.. also try the reset on the bottom.
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Default same problem

I recently updated my cube to firmware 100.100.122. When I disconnected it from my pc, it died. It won't turn on and it isn't recognized by my computer. I tried the reset method, no difference. I found a link for 100.100.105, I thought putting the default firmware on would fix it. If I can get it recognized by my computer this could work. Does anyone have any suggestions? I found a few #s for mobi blu support, one just rings and another is some guy named curt. I sent an email to I will post any suggestions they have if I hear from them. Any help is appreciated.
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What I read is that the program that is in the cube that is there to handle flashing is also flashable (can be modified) It means that if an error or wrong firmware is uploaded to the Cube...the Cube will not only not work (bad software) but also you will not be able to change the firmware again.

Seems like I did now even the part of the firmware that handle OS recognition as USB device and flashing is corrupted. Probably only in the factory they can insert the "small brain" (software)
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Now THIS is funny:
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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Hey, for $300 more they'll throw in the Silver version, too.
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Deal of the Century... they must have really upgraded the features on the Cube since the last time I payed any attention to it.
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Wow.. i just.. it better come with a free pair of Sennheiser HD650s! I'd buy it then!
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I can help you. I successfully repair my 1500i. Try use 100.100.105 firmware from your CD
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