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Default Zune Video Life

Hi everyone. The Zune 120 claims it gets 4 hours video. I've read online that the actual amount of video time it can do is just over 3 hours, and that the 4 hour claim is inaccurate.

Obviously as the battery degrades with time/use, this will get worse.

However, I am planning on getting a Zune 120. This battery life is the biggest concern. Obviously the mp3 time it can support (20+ hours) is not a worry to me. But if the device only really gets ~3 hours of video on a new battery, I'd expect after a year or two it might be as low as 2 hours, which seems unacceptable.

If people have experiences with their Zunes and video playback/battery life, it'd be appreciated.
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I've had my Zune 80 for a little more than a year and videos typically last ~3 hours with Wi-Fi disabled and brightness set to its maximum.

Not sure if that helps though.

If you're going on a long trip, then just bring a cable or portable battery-powered charger. I was initially annoyed by the low battery life, but I guess I'm used to it now. For day to day use, it's fine.
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