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Default Weird problem with my Clix

I've had the thing for almost six months now, and have had zero problems with it... until a week or so ago.

All of a sudden, none of my subscription tracks will sync. I had Urge initially, and I thought it was yet another problem with them (I've had a few), so I dumped it. But then I tried Napster, same thing happened.

So I updated the firmware on my Clix, then I even uninstalled and reinstalled WMP11. No matter how many times I log into the service, download tracks (play the tracks on my PC just fine) the Clix won't play them, and says I need to sync it to my PC.

Finally canceled Napster, and tried Rhapsody, since I thought that would avoid WMP11 altogether.

And it's STILL happening!!!!

I can play stuff I own fine, but part of the reason I got the thing was for these subscription services, which now don't work at all.

Anybody heard of this happening, and have any idea what's up with this thing?
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I had the same problem as you sir, even had my clix replaced under warranty with iriver.

I'm only about one week out of this problem with my clix, but here's what works for me

1- I ordered a new USB cable. I think the problem with mine had something to do with the USB not sync'ing with the clock perfectly (my own uneducated diagnosis)

2- I now sync directly with the Napster Client instead of WMP 11. I can still add songs via WMP 11 so I can get the album art, but I still need to sync directly with napster so the songs will play on the clix

I hope this helps.
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Default Thanks for the info

I'll give it a shot.

I've actually tried synching with the Rhapsody client (even with WMP11 rolled back to the earlier version), and the problem still won't go away. I'll try a new USB cable.

I was hoping to avoid having to sit on the phone for a million years with iRiver support, but it looks like I'm just going to have to bite the bullet.

Any suggestions for dealing with them? I mean, did it take you forever to get them to understand what the problem was, or were they pretty receptive?

Thanks again.
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