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Default Creative ep-630 vs ep-635

well, i need to get new headphones because soldering my cx300 wasn't as perfect as i though it would be (it is loosing the connection sometimes).

i looked around and i found the creative ep-635 for 30. this is twice as much as for the ep630. i wonder how these phones differ from each other. i was looking all over for them already but i couldn't find much about them (except amazon and alatest).

does anybody have any experiences with those phones?
thanks in advance
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EP-635 cord is shorter than the EP-630, 0,6 meters on the EP-635 vs, 1,2 meter long on the EP-630.
Also the internal speaker of the EP-635 is 9mm, vs 8mm on the EP-630.
EP-635 only comes in white, while the EP-630 come in black and white.
The rest is all the same.. impedence, frequency response, etc.

GOT IT? hehe
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yup, i saw those datas...
but why do the 630 cost twice as much, if they even have a shorter chord???
maybe i will give them a try.
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Here in Finland they cost just about exactly the same, around 20€ both. And not in an especially cheap store either. Both are still good phones, also the 635 has a rope/string/whaddyacallit around the cable so less microphonics on those if that's a consern.
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