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@skinjob; Thank you so much for the first post, it was very well explained and thorough. I have found that not much works like it is supposed to with Windows 2000. NOTHING seems to work as far as playlists with W2k. In Media Monkey you can set up the sync process just as you say to do manually, with the leading slash missing from the playlist. It still did not work.

I bought a Sansa Clip because it was small and very inexpensive at Wal-Mart; 8gb for $49. Playlists aren't a necessity, but would be nice to have a few. I loaded what few songs I had from the Sansa to Vista computer, created a playlist and synched. There is was on the Sansa, sooo pretty!

So when I say I think it is a Windows 2000 issue, I think it is because MM uses lots of things from Winamp and WMP10 for functionality. Is your system XP or above?

All that said, I will try your system next week and post again. I'm tired of looking at empty playlists.

One more dumb question. When you say the playlist has to go in the root, you mean not in any folder at all, right? E:\"playlist"

I also noticed that if I sync a playlist on the Vista to Sansa, it duplicated the tracks. I thought playlists were just directories? Kind of a pain, if that's the way it is. Sometimes you just want to create a playlist for tracks already on a device.

I must still be missing something.


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