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Default IAudio7 and Ogg

Hey there! I've been watching this forum for a couple months, and I finally bit the bullet and signed up :P
Anyways, I'm happy to announce I ordered my i7 yesterday! Hopefully it'll arrive before my trip this weekend. In preparation, I'm cleaning through my music, tags, and getting ready to rerip a lot of my music because of the awesome codec support. On the net, however, there have been mixed opinions of the ogg vorbis support. I'm a pretty big fan of ogg, and that was going to be my format of choice this re-rip-around.
Funny thing about Ogg, though: Some people say they have problems with tags, some with distortions, some both, and some not at all. Is there any rhyme or reason to it, that anyone knows? I'm no audiophile, but my ear IS attentive to annoying things like tuning and buzzings. That, and I like MTP tags (shoot me if you will), so if I can't tag, I'll have to choose another format. I've seen many suggestions already in this forum for that ^_^ So helpful!

I might simply rip into 192+ kbps mp3 if there are problems. I hear (no pun intended) that there isn't much difference these days, and that mp3 encoding is catching up to the nicer ones. (FLAC is out of the question, though nice. 16gb simply won't hold everything in FLAC).

I'm so pumped! I hope it's as portable as it looks. Ever since my clip-on Shuffle (le gasp!), I've had a fixation on small mp3 players.
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Congrats on the i7, check the forum sticky's and enjoy it's a great little player! BTW, 192 VBR sounds great on it

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I can't stand the sound of MP3s (although I find that the MP3 enhance setting makes them sound better).

I listen to FLAC, but I'm running out of room. I'd love to use OGG, but tags don't work and I don't want to switch to folder sort method. I hear no echoes on OGG, though (firmware 1.17).

In the end I chose FLAC and I am constantly swapping out music since I don't have enough space. If you don't mind folder sort mode, OGG sounds great. But the player is most compatible with MP3. If the sound quality doesn't bother you, it's the best choice.

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