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Nevermind. That was almost disappointingly simple. Really wish I'd done it sooner.

Ok, step by step, here's how I fixed it:

1) Connect the player and let it black out.
2) Go into Device Manager (Contol panel, System, Hardware)
3) Right-click on Insignia Video Player
4) Uninstall
5) Back to control Panel
6) Add new hardware (let it do its thing)
7) I got a message about errors during the installation, ignore it.
8) Disconnect and reconnect the player, you should get an "OK to disconnect" screen, but the computer still can't see the player.
9) Reinstall WMP. I don't use it, but for whatever reason, it's doing something to let the player and the PC talk.

et voila. I'm now back in business. Hope somebody out there finds this useful.
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