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Default SDHC Problem

I recently bought a sansac240 1GB off ebay refurbished.

While i was waiting for it to ship i bought a 4GB sdhc card hoping that it would work on my player.

I read that if i have a v2 player i can use up to a 4GB sdhc card, so i'm pretty happy.

Then the player comes and and i see that it is a v2, it says so on the back...

I connect my card and the player is getting all weird. I go to check it manually and i have a 01.01.07 firmware which is extremely odd because the player says it is a v2.

So what's wrong here? what do i have to do to be able to play my card?
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Bad News: Your firmware version means you have a v1 which will not read a card over 2 gigs. Sansas refurb process is notorious for slapping the case for a v2 on a v1 and vice versa. Unless the seller checked the firmware they probably thought they were delivering a v2 by looking at the case. The only way to be sure is to check the firmware version.

Good News: Your v1 can be Rockboxed. Rockbox will open the full potential of your player, including using high capacity cards. The features that Rockbox adds is a really loooong list. You can even watch tiny little videos. Go to the site, READ THE MANUAL, install according to instructions and you wind up with a fully featured media player. They are working out the last bugs in a working USB stack. That lets you use your c240 as a SDHC card reader as a added bonus.

Caution: Rockbox is a firmware replacement and needs to be installed according to the specific instructions in the manual. It is possible to create a lot of work to bring your player back to a working state if you are careless. However there is an recommended automated installer (rbutil) that does all the heavy lifting and usually only takes a few minutes to set up the player properly.

If I were in your situation I would definitely give Rockbox serious consideration. If you don't like it rbutil will cleanly uninstall the bootloader after which you delete the .rockbox folder and return your player the way it is now.
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Problem Solved!
Thanks man

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