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The difference between the gen 5 & 6 is quite marked, the 5 does a lot more is faster, has a better screen, better styling and to my mind fewer quirks than the gen 5. You can surf and play music/web radio on the gen 6, check email, have avi desktop wallpaper, a neater UI and the sound has improved by a vast amount - no more static or hdd noise via the headphones. The downsides are - DVR dock has no throughput for the tv signal so if you only have one scart lead you need a splitter, poorer conectivity (mainly applies to the Archos 7 when compared to the 705) without added extras. Gen 6 is still a bit buggy but perhpas this will get better with newer firmware, it still by no means finished. I personally would go for a gen 6 if you dont need the extra conectivity.
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