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Old 02-15-2009, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluejay View Post
Using both my computers (one uses Vista, the other is still good old XP Pro SP3) I upload tracks using Winamp media library and/or Windows Explorer. Most of the time, when I view the player under "Music" in Windows Explorer, it looks as if Explorer displays each artist in a folder, then subfolder by album, then the songs. Why does it do that, and more important, I've found a whole bunch of tracks in there that do not have a folder even though they are appropriately tagged. How can I get them into folders? And, how can I get Explorer to display everything that is on the player in one long list, non-foldered?
I can't speak for Winamp (never used), but when using Windows Explorer, the files will be stored and displayed (in Windows Explorer) the way they were created (copied/moved) to the Zen.

Originally Posted by Bluejay View Post
* How can I get Vista's Windows Explorer to stop showing me all this stuff in giant-economy-size icons but instead use "Details" each time? I tried telling it what I wanted in Folder Options, but it seems to ignore it. Is that just Vista being stupid? Thanks.
I've used Vista for a long time now and for the most part (and time), Vista keeps my settings for the display detail when set. I have noticed that it does seem to foget them every now and then when using a removable device.
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