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Help The best player for around 100

I am looking to buy a new player after my ipod broke (have had 3 ipods all of which have died within 2 years for no reason). budget is in the region of 100. so far i have narrowed it down to the Sony NWZ-S639FB 16GB or the SanDisk Sansa View 16GB. Basically can anyone give me advice on which one is better, or if there are other better players for a similar price and with a minimum of 16GB memory?
Help would be eternally appreciated!
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If you're not interested in video viewing, I'd suggest an 8GB Sansa Fuze + 8GB (or 16GB, if you want) Micro SDHC card over the View, since the sound quality is superior.
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A lower capacity Cowon D2 with an SD card could be another option. They go for cheap(ish) nowadays and could be in that price range, depending on where you live, etc.

(Oh, and welcome back HipHopScribe... long time no see.)
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Thanks for the advice, surprised that the sony wasn't put forward though.... just one more question, is it possible to expand the 8gb Fuze's memory by more than 8gb?
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The Sony NWZ-S639FB is a good player aswell. Might like its sound more then the Fuze, then again you might not. Its not really that huge of a difference either way, both sound good and thats all that matters.

Personaly I'd still go for the Sony NWZ-S639FB just because I think the Fuze looks abit, conservative ;P Also I have more faith in Sonys build quality over Sandisks. Mainly because I've never had a Sony break, yet I've had almost all my Sansas break, most recently my clip. Ofcourse so far I've gotten them all reimbursed.
Also another thing I value with Sony is that I can take a broken down Sony to a Sony style store and get it repaired(reimbursed actualy) there, with Sandisk I have to send it to wherever I bought it or then to Sandisk HQ. However this is all due to Sony havingmore presence in Finland when compared to Sandisk.
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The Fuze has a micro SDHC card slot and will work with a 16 gig card, however there is a 4,000 song limit. This limit will be expanded to 8,000 songs with the next firmware update, hopefully before April.
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Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
(have had 3 ipods all of which have died within 2 years for no reason)
A market technique used to make you buy the latest products
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Creative Zen? It's capacity goes up to 32GB.
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Would it help to know that 100 Pounds equals approximatly $146.
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I couldn't help it, as it's such a great player, and only a few pounds over budget:

PS: It's currently out of stock, but WELL worth the wait!!!
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16gb, best player

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