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i've never mentioned who my sources are because they wish to remain anonymous. but i will say this, i know someone personally who is a member of the group. so that's how i get my information. i was given permission to post things here. and they do have a connecton into cowon. so it's not all gueswork, but i will admit some has to be educated guesses, some things are just not certain, so therefore they base their predictions off of every single little piece of information they have so far.

and when i assumed that people knew when 2.08 was coming out, that was stupid of me. i shouldn't have. but even when i made that post, it was only 1 day before 2.08 was released...that's only a day ahead, so i thought people knew.

the widescreen thing, i meant it as in there is no way to actually set a setting that makes it so vids start in widescreen. the only way to is like sacramento said...and even then all you're doing is turning off the accelerometer while its sideways so it has to stay that way, and when then when you start the movies back up if you had it orientated to play left, and did that, when you start the movies back up, it's orientated to the right. which isn't how you "saved" it. my point was there is no setting dedicated to that.

and as for the invisible works like crap with the s9, it's not even worth reporting on. i am sorry i didn't do the test like i said, but all i did was slip it into my pocket with nothing but the heaphones and it scratched...that's not worth it.

glad your nephew found something useful. i hate how people just assume because i'm new here, and it's my first cowon player, that i can't possibly know that much. you'd be surprised.
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