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Default Unofficial Shaker Details

So some info on the Sansa Shaker snuck out... I will bring you official details as soon as they are allowed to be released...
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I just read the article you posted to my kids (one 6 & the other 9) thinking that they may give some form of feed back on the product, design & shape. All I can report is they like the idea of multiple headphone jacks, it doesn’t matter how it looks they like new things and they want to buy it just to find out what the interactive “shake” feature is. The older one did state the size may not be practical….

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Definitely looks like a cool toy for the 3-and-up crowd. Don't think I'd get one myself, but I have a niece who'd probably appreciate it. Of course, her mom would kill me instantly, so I might have to hold off on that.
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To shake it to change a song, you have to hold the play button and shake it up and down. It then plays a funny lil shake sound effect.

seems like more work to me then just twisting the bands, but thats just my opinion.
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you can also just twist the bottom to change aswell. nifty function is that if you remove the headphones, it goes to speaker mode
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Great for the (very small - under 7) kids, but otherwise has been rendered obsolete by Sansa's very own Clip.
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I just got one, blue, at CVS Pharmacy for $15. It works. I have several extra 1 and 2 gig SD cards. If I lose or break it, I am only out a cheap card and a cheap player. Works for me.
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Does anybody know if there are any firmware updates for the Shaker? I'm hoping they will increase the card capacity to at least 8GB and make use of adapted MicroSDs...currently the Shaker won't use a MicroSD in and adapter.
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