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I get the impression Cowon doesn't read this, but I feel like venting anyway. Mostly I want the UI to not suck so hard. It's not bad; it's more of a death by a thousand cuts kind of thing. Some of these have been mentioned before, but I'll mention them again because I want people to know that there's more than 1 person that wants those things. Specifically:
  • You can't add an artist, album, genre, etc. to favorites. You can add folders, though. It ought to work on tags.
  • There needs to be a "clear favorites" button.
  • This would be obviated by the addition of the above, but it would be nice to have an internal "active playlist". Here's what I mean: you're browsing, and you want to listen to all the songs by an artist. So you navigate to that artist (either by tags or folders), and press play. Nothing happens. What should happen is every song below that point in the hierarchy gets added to the "active playlist" and the S9 starts playing it. I get the impression that the S9 internally only keeps track of the current song, and builds the "playlist" based on the rest of your settings, which is too limiting IMO. Alternate fix would be a better, context-sensitive replacement for the 1/dir/all setting.
  • The shuffle code is piss poor. I had about 7 albums on my favorites list, and it would play a 2-3 songs from the first album, then a song from the second, then a couple from the first, etc. Awful, although I must admit that the ipod's randomizer is not much better.
  • The play/pause and next/previous buttons should always do something. None of them do anything on the menu screen. Play/pause doesn't even do anything when browsing music, even if something is playing.
  • Video mode is mostly perfect, but I would like the ability to scan through videos by dragging on the progress bar while the video is paused.
  • It should obey the MSC/MTP setting even when connecting to linux or mac os. I'm thinking that those of us running linux are clever enough to leave the device in MSC mode if libmtp doesn't work.
  • .m3u support would be nice, particularly since it won't let me use it in MTP mode ...
  • There should be a configuration option for the time delay in slideshow.
  • There ought to be an option to auto-rotate pictures to best fit them on the screen.
  • Picture viewer should not let you zoom past 100% for 2 reasons: 1) it's not useful, and 2) it makes it hard to zoom to 100%. If they insist on it, I would prefer buttons; something like fit-to-screen, 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%. That's more than 3, so maybe +/- buttons instead? I don't really care, but the slider is irritating as implemented.
  • I have downloaded the picture.swf that allows hiding of the picture menus, but the default should do this on its own.
  • This is not necessarily a firmware issue, but the biggest allowable resolution for pictures should be documented somewhere. This is important, because pictures above the cutoff resolution look worse than those below that cutoff (i.e., it defaults to some ridiculously low res if the input res is too high).
I want to emphasize that I like the device. My wife has an ipod touch 2g, and I much prefer the Cowon. As I said before, I don't even think the UI is necessarily "bad". It's just not ... good. Most of these issues simply make the device harder to use than it ought to be -- which is forgivable -- but some (particularly with respect to music) make it impossible to do things that ought to be simple.
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