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Originally Posted by fhantazm View Post
I have 2 Fuzes with the 8GB having 1.x firmware and the 4gb having 2.x firmware. This causes me to question the claim mentioned above.
I said that my recollection is that SansaFix on the Sansa Forums said the Clip had to be revised (a different PC board) to be able to support 8GB. He also said that all models of the Clip manufactured after that time would be 2.x, regardless of the capacity, since the revised board would accomodate the 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. (There are still some 1.x models in the supply chain, so they still show up.) I mentioned the Clip's revision for higher capacity as an example of why a revision might be done. The Fuze already supported 8GB, obviously. I was inferring that a Fuze with a higher capacity, greater than 8GB, might be in the works and that might be the reason for 2.x. So far, no one has said why the Fuze was revised, hence my saying, "Whether something similar is the case with the Fuze, they haven't said."
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