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Well, most of the stuff I see in here is grossly un-required.
AAC support and MP4 support?
... It's 3 inches of screen real-estate, and you want mp4 support?

The only thing I can think of is that you want to hook it up to a TV, and I think you'd probably find it easier with a proper PC (flash read speeds plus the amount of data needed to be processed may be a factor to think about here).

Along the lines of a wish-list:
Graphical "charging" icon.. How far is left to go with this charging? I dunno because all the 2.08 shows in the word! A simple bar would do, with maybe a percent meter underneath.
Flash - doesn't work very well at all. The audio keeps cutting out/not even playing in the first place. Graphics are very slow (I guess the detail is set to high).. Why not let us change the quality to medium/low?
Documents - allow side-scrolling PLEEEEEASE!!.. Width is very important to reading.
More precise touchscreen - autotuning/etc. I have thin-ish fingers, but when I touch I need to touch *higher* then I should to activate a button/area.. I'm getting used to it, but maybe an autotune part where the person clicks a button around the screen can better calibrate to the user?
Videos - if I want to change the audio preset qualizer thing, then I need to come out of the video. I see no easy button for changing it (although I may have missed it).

Calander would be good (as suggested earlier) - but would probably need a lot of textual-interface work behind it (so version 2.5 then?).
I like the idea of bluetooth file transfers - shouldn't be too hard to change the bluetooth stack a little.
Maybe some small built-in games (cards/mah-jong/something) - don't need to be too fancy.

I really can't think of much more 'features' I'd want from this media player... maybe some dodgy speakers - so I didn't have to get any external ones.
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