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Old 01-30-2009, 11:54 AM
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Default A total amateur needs headphone advice- Long (Sorry)

Hi, this is my first post at Abi.
If it would be alright may I ask for headphone advice?
I already read other threads like a ďlist of good IEMísĒ but thereís still to much variety and choice to pick from so I decided to post a thread instead. I will try to give as many specifics as possible but my apologies in advance if I give to little information or irrelevant information.
Firstly the availability
I live in Canada so anything thatís available in North America would be nice. If itís not directly available in North America then something that can be shipped internationally. As a last resort I can have my relatives living in England or South Africa purchase them for me if they are available in those regions.
The Cost
I would prefer something below $100 or around that price.
The Sound
Unfortunately I am not an audiophile. Although I am not an audiophile I still want good sounding headphones (mostly for the sake of my bloated ego). As for what type of music I listen to, I listen to pretty much every type of music, the only music I tend to not listen to is Jazz. As for the bass involved, I am personally a big fan of bass but a lot of my songs have little or no bass so thatís a no to any headphones that are very bass heavy, though I still want something that has clear good sounding bass. So to sum it up I want headphones that are well rounded and work well with most forms of music.
The design
I am a bit unsure as to what type of headphones I want (IEM, behind neck or over the headÖ). So I am going to rely on your opinions a bit. I donít run around much but I would prefer a type of headphone that doesnít start feeling uncomfortable after a while and most of all doesnít fall of easily. I have a profound dislike for headphones that need to be adjusted every couple of minutes.
Ear buds- This is the type I have used the most but I donít like them because they fall out easily and they provide very bad isolation.
IEMís- I have very little experience with IEMís. The only IEMís I have ever used are my brotherís nameless ones. Since I couldnít adjust the fit, they were a bit tight but otherwise alright. The isolation IEMís provide is pretty good but I guess the isolation does have some disadvantages (crossing the street).
Over the head Ė Sorry for forgetting the technical name but you get the idea. I have used a pair of Skull Candyís low riders (which I can no longer use because my brother took them for use with his pc). The biggest problem I had with the Skull Candyís was that they would slip off my head a lot especially when I moved around. I think I donít like open headphones very much unless they sit nice and snug on your ears. I dislike headphones that sit at an angle.
Behind the neck- I have never tried these before so I have no idea how comfortable these are. Do they interfere with movement of the neck?
As for what I will be using these headphones with, right now I just use my cell phone (sad I know). In the recent future I plan on buying an Mp3 maybe a p3 or s9. Although its not necessary I would like a pair of headphones that can be used with my computer (for music and games).
I am very sorry for writing this huge wall of text, but to me the world of music is very dark and mysterious. I know very little of the audio world and thus I have asked for your help. My thanks in advance.
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