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Default Video Metadata Images

So I'm loving my Zune 120. It is the absolute shit, compared to the horribleness that was my 80GB iPod Classic. I've got everything worked out, found all my music and videos, got my album art, found a spiffy background, etc.
The only thing I can't figure out are the images the Zune software and the Zune use for Videos. I don't really like the points that the program picked out and want to change them to something else, but it isn't immediately obvious. Is there anyway to do what I'm asking? I hope I'm explaining myself properly. I can take some pictures if it will help. Thanks!
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I found it once, somewhere in the documents and settings folder there are little snapshots named the same as the video file. If you change them, I believe it changes it in the zune software. It is a hassle, and I couldn't find it easily just now.

That is one thing that the ipod is better at, tagging video files. Also because the ipod is so popular there are more programs that auto tag tv episodes (m4v/mp4)
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I think I might have found what you're talking about, but I only saw images for music/podcasts. Thank you anyway.
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