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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
Is the U5 so great? I am starting to think that I could get used to the headphone jack on the bottom. I am still confused when it comes to Cowon players. The three models I am considering are the D2, i7, and U5. Each one of these has things I like about it, and things I don't like about it. I don't like the touch screen on the D2, but really want the SD card slot! I like the 60 hour battery life of the i7, but don't like its small screen. I like the 1.8" screen and smaller size(in volume) of the U5 vs the i7, but don't like the fact that the battery life is only listed as just 24 hours, and the headphone jack is on the bottom of the player. In terms of size, the D2 is 2.17 times the volume of the U5, and the i7 is 1.57 times the volume of the U5. While the U5 has the shortest battery life of the three, it also charges the fastest, taking 2 hours or less to charge vs almost double that for the i7 or the D2(the D2 via wall charger). i guess it makes sense to get a 4 gig D2, or an 8 gig i7 or U5? So the the cost of each of the three options is not that far apart. The 8 gig D2 seems to be priced at $40 more than the 4 gig. Since the D2 has a card slot, I am not so sure how much storage I really need, and a 4 gig SDHC card is just $22(and will probably get much cheaper), buying an 8 gig D2 vs a 4 gig one doesn't seem to make much sense. Does it make sense to buy a 4 gig D2 instead of a 2 gig one? The 2 gig one is just $20 less. If the SD card reader in the player breaks, then a 4 gig player would be so much more useful than a 2 gig one. I noticed that most people on this forum who indicate having a D2 show having a 4 gig one. Is there anyone here who has all three of these and wishes to comment about them? Since I am so confused about these it pays to wait, as the prices on these will continue to drop. If the prices would be rising instead, then I would be much more confused about what to do. Any thoughts? When the prices on these drop, is it by large increments at a time, or by a number of small increments? It would be nice to see graphs of the prices of these over time. I noticed one post here saying that the 8 gig i7 was $187 at the end of September. It is around $150 now, so the decline in price was 20% in roughly 4 and a half months. I guess the main cause of the price decline was the decline in flash memory prices, which seem to have dropped almost 50% in the last three months of '07.
Oh my God, I've only just read this post. This guy is actually a little bit mental. (I mean that in the nicest possible way, jk98)
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