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Originally Posted by zeth006 View Post
You seem to know quite a bit about what's going on in the world of mp3s and such.

My $1,000,000 question now:

Sony Walkman NWZ-1000?


Samsung P3?

What're you reasons?
IMHO Sony for me.. since I dont like the Samsung interface.. i trusted walkman and I used walkman so thats the way it is.. I like its solid easy to use interface as off samsung's eyecandy interface... SQ wise I dont know.. but Im pretty sure that both have good SQ.. if the p3 has better SQ i'll get the p3 and have to adjust with the interface.. If the sony has better SQ.... thank god.... for the solid interface and great SQ... I am also taking the S9 as a considereation for my next player
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