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Hello all, brand new member here, first-time post. Nice forum here and a lot of helpful folks. I have a 2gb Clip (the blue one) and have recently had the same headaches as mkduffer was having - glad to see you got it worked out. I finally figured out how to create & transfer playlists using WMP11 after nearly giving up from frustration. Anyway, in case anyone wants to know, here's the method I'm using:

1. Player in MTP mode.
2. Before connecting your player, create playlist in WMP11 just exactly as the video tutorial shows. Save playlist.
3. Now, hook up your Clip to the computer.
4. Click on Synch tab at top.
5. Send your newly-created playlist to the Synchlist pane on the right.
6. Click Synch at the bottom right-hand side. The WMP screen will change to a screen showing you the synch process.
7. When it's done, that screen will go away and you'll see the message "You can disconnect your Sansa player"

I was never able to transfer a playlist in MSC mode using WMP, so I'll stick with what's working. I was able to use Winamp and get playlists on my Clip but by dragging songs already on the Clip over to the Winamp player and then exporting back as an .M3U playlist.
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