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How do the newer AH-C252 compare against AH-C351? I've googled a bit about the newer model and one review says: It's a decent, full-bodied sound though, very much suited to rock and metal. This then sounds perfect for me because I listen mostly to rock and metal music.

I'm an hour or two away from ordering one or the other and can't decide. I like the fact that the C252 have a single cable (hate the cable extension thing - had Sennhiser CX400 and sold them because the cable bothered me so much) and are slightly angled to provide an even more comfortable wear. What I do not like is the Y-shaped wire. I like the J-shaped one more because I can let the headphones rest around my neck during class and then just put them back in my ears during breaks.

The price difference is roughly around 10 GBP, the newer model being the cheaper one.
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