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Originally Posted by lewislink View Post
That's unfortunate and no way to design a music playing device.

That's akin to eating one thing at a time in a multi-course meal. First you eat the meat, then eat the vegetable, then eat the potatoes, then eat the bread, then eat the desert.
I have put together a little program in I'm calling 'sLot Shuffle which will allow you to shuffle the songs on your slot music player at the time you load the microsd card (obviously no shuffle on the go, but better than nothing i say!)

only thing is it will still resume where you left off if you have other songs on the card (but if you name your shuffle folder 00shuffle or something it will be the next folder played)

(if there is sufficient interest i would probably open source the code, but my code right now is kind-of crude as im a pretty new programmer) This is kind-of a beta so if you find a bug let me know! (though i have tested it many times on vista 64 i don't know about other systems yet)

anyhoo. enjoy
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