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Originally Posted by tchart View Post
BobbyRS, so is there an official X-fi charger? How many A/mA does it output?
These two chargers are advertised by Creative to be capable of charging the Zen or Zen X-Fi:

Universal Power Adapter Part# 70PD000000062
Zen Power Adapter Part# 70PD000000065

Both adapters are capable of outputting 2.4A. However they use pull up resistors on the data ends for recognizing and charging the USB players like the Zen X-Fi to limit the charging current.

Originally Posted by tchart View Post
My 1A charger is the "Universal" charger and is an authetic Creative one. Having said that perhaps its only "Universal" for older devices that can handle 1A.
This one here? This one may very well work, idk. I just wouldn't like to be the first to try since it isn't listed as being compatible (due to age) and would be afraid it would output a full 1A. I noticed the pinout here; and it is listed as not working with the Zen Micro's (Micro's have the same requirement to have the pullup resistors on the AC chargers as the the Zen X-Fi looks to require for charging).... so that tells me it doesn't use the pullup resistors which would make me afraid it wouldn't even charge the Zen X-Fi. The Neeon's battery I believe is about twice the capacity of the Zen/Zen X-Fi, so it can handle the higher charge current of 1A better.
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