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Default Finally! It works!

Thanks for your sympathetic thoughts, Route44. I finally managed to get my Clip to take play lists. First of all, I started clean, reformatted it and set it in MTP mode, not MSC mode. Reformatting is probably not necessary, I'm just being overly cautious. Using either WinAmp or MediaMonkey, I was then able to create working play lists. Assuming that you already have music in your library, following are the steps I took:

  1. Make sure that your Media Library is open. To do this, click on the "ML" button located in near the bottom right corner of the player, right above the orange lightning bolt.
  2. From the left side of the library window, select "Local Media". A list of your media will appear in the right Window.
  3. Select the tracks you wish to transfer, then right click on them, pick "Send to", then "SanDisk Sansa Clip"
  4. The files will be sent to your clip. When it is finished, choose "Portables" and "SanDisk Sansa Clip" from the left side of the "Media Library" Window.
  5. The bottom right Window should show the media files on your Clip. Select the ones you want to add to your play list, then right click on them, select "Send to playlist:", choose "New playlist" and name your new playlist. When you hit "OK", your new playlist will be created and populated.
  6. It is possible to send files directly from your library to a playlist on your Clip, but often it will cause WinAmp to crash. Not really sure why.
Media Monkey
  1. For MediaMonkey, you need to first create a Playlist on your computer, then sync that playlist to your Clip.
  2. Open Media Monkey and select the tracks you want to add to your playlist. You can select either from your local library or from your Clip.
  3. Right Click on the selected tracks and choose "Send to...", "New Playlist", and then name your new playlist and select "OK".
  4. Now that your playlist is created, choose it from the library, right click on it, and then choose "Send to...", then "Sync to SanDisk Sansa Clip". If you've choosen files already on your Clip, then the playlist will simply be created. If the files have not been previously transfered, then MM will transfer the files, then create the playlist.
Hope that helps!
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