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Default bluetooth headset that wont hurt my wallet

my headphone jack got loose recently so i want to get a good bluetooth headset that wont cost to much
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You can find Some motorola S9's on ebay for a little over $30. Just stay away from the Hong Kong knock offs.

I got my S9's a few weeks ago for about $36 and they are great. Unfortunately the P2 does not allow you to have BT headsets and a working EQ. I found the audio coming from my Cell phone (AT&T Tilt) sound much better when paired to my S9's. It may even sound better than my P2 with wired headphones.
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I'd suggest getting that jack fixed. The P2 sounds marginal under BT. The Samsung T9, Sony A829, & Sony S639 (w/ Sony BT adapter) are good examples of stereo sounds under BT.
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i have a pair of Motorola HT820, got them for about 40 dollars... i think from amazon, although that is the first and only set of bluetooth headphones that i own, great headphones though
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