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Default Using Amarok

I use Amarok in Linux to add/delete (drag and drop) my music files. But, so far I can't with the E260 I bought. The player is autodetected by Amarok but nothing is happening. Is it mounted?

It reads 'Building Collection Database' and that's it.
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I recommend using MSC mode, MSC seems to work better with Amarok (And with Linux overall)

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I am using MSC mode.

I am also wondering what the answer is to the question as I find this 'mounting' in Amarok to not be user-friendly. 'Might as well use Windoze.
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i finally got amarok to work by installing and running a script called 'usb-device'

recognizes the player no prob now

i think i still had a problem with it dumping mp3's into the root directory on the sansa rather than the music folder, but i haven't played with it too much (wife is hogging my player! ha ha ha)
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I had the same issue with my Sansa Clip as you seemed to be having (i.e. able to browse, but unable to transfer music). I solved my problem by telling Ubunutu to mount my Sansa Clip as "/media/SANSA_CLIP" instead of "/media/SANSA CLIP" The space in the name was causing Amarok issues when trying to transfer files. I got Ubuntu (gnome) to change the mount point by right clicking on the "SANSA CLIP" icon that was on my desktop, then I selected the "Volume" tab, and then in the "Mount Point:" Field, I entered "SANSA_CLIP"

The tools expect the name of the directory that will be mounted under "/media/" DON"T use any /'s in the name, or you won't be able to mount your clip at all. If you do run into issues, you can fix any mistakes using the gconf-editor command.
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