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Welcome chicitymusic9.

Originally Posted by chicitymusic9 View Post
1.) The player's battery drains even WHEN I TURN MY PLAYER
OFF. Why is this?

2.) The player only has resumed playback when the player is turned off for a short period of time; whereas if it is turned off for a long period of time, the player does not resume playback. Why is this? I would like resume playback the next day I turn my player back on.
See here. It is regarding the Zen, but its still the same feature on both.

Originally Posted by chicitymusic9 View Post
3.) I put my Country genre on shuffle once. When I turn the player off, and turn it back on the next day, the next song that comes up is the song I have already heard before (a day ago when I started to put my Country genre on shuffle ONCE) Why, why, why?

4.) I created "Playlist A" via the player. "Playlist A" has 12 songs - at first upon creation.So, the next time when I turn my player back on, "Playlist A" has 10 songs. WHY IS THIS?
Creative players have always been lacking in a true "random" playback sequence. Make sure you have the latest firmware version installed to help limit the bugs that you may experience and improved features; as well as try and keep up on the future firmware releases.

1.06.01 firmware:

Enhances the playback pattern for the shuffle playmode.
Originally Posted by chicitymusic9 View Post
I have reloaded the firmware (1.06.01), formated the player, and called Creative Technical Support (they told me to reload the firmware), and PROBLEMS #1,#2,#3 still ARISES [I have not created the playlist yet]. I recall that I have dropped the player once by accident (but I don't think it has caused all of these problems)). I hope someone, just somebody out there, help me!!!
Try reloading the firmware from within Recovery Mode. This will erase the currently installed firmware before installing a fresh version.
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