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Old 12-25-2008, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by no9 View Post
Yes that sounds about right to me. I have more problems when I use my fingers vs when I use a stylus though. Alot of people tell me that on firmware 3.57 with different themes and skins that the D2 becomes less responsive. Meaning that changing to the korean firmware won't help it become more responsive. I myself haven't notice much of a change between the two, but what you are experiencing sounds pretty much standard to my experiences.
Yeah, I checked the review video here and their unit works exactly like mine does. So it's not a problem with mine, just a shoddy design choice IMO which was even brought up in the review. Not a deal breaker as it's not hard to double tap, but it still makes the UI a tad less fluid when it didn't need to take that hit.
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